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Bet365 Poker is (obviously) a part of the Bet365 brand. Bet365 claims to be the world largest online gambling company with over 3,000 employees and 22 million customers worldwide. They are licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. They were founded in 2000 by Denise Coates, who is still runs the show together with her family.

Bet365 is a popular poker site on the massive iPoker network with good cash-game and tournament volume, great promotions and decent software. With software also available in 14 languages Bet365 is a truly international poker site that brings players to the table from dozens of countries.

The quality of play is slightly higher than your average European site but not so high it’s unbeatable. Offering a number of poker variants there are plenty of games for both new and experienced players.

Tired of No-Limit Holdem? Try some 5-card stud. Limit Holdem getting you down? Try playing the calculation-monster of a game that is Omaha Hi/Lo.

With great traffic numbers thanks to the prolific iPoker network, there’s plenty of action to be had; the high-stakes games aren’t always well populated but micro- through medium-stakes tables are usually available in droves.

A solid tournament schedule also makes bet365 a good choice for tournament players of any stake or experience level. Tons of daily guaranteed tournaments run around the clock and the live satellite tournaments are great.

iPoker’s Jackpot Twister Sit & Gos and Speed Poker games are also available which are a huge highlight for most players. The Bet365 mobile app is also decent quality and a nice tool for getting some quick SnGs in on the go.

With having been around for so long and being so large they automatically gain a lot of trust in my book. This is as far away from a small shady company as you can come.

Bet365 is using the iPoker network, which ensures a large player base to compete against.


I did the registration directly on their website and I could do this without having to download any poker client. The process was easy and straightforward. After being registered I was automatically logged in as a user on their website and was presented with the option to make a deposit.

I chose the Neteller option and sent over the minimum of $20. However, there are lower minimums down to $10 for other depositing options.

After my $20 was in place, I went ahead and downloaded the poker client for Windows (sorry, no MAC version available).

You also have the option to play via your mobile browser and/or Android or iPhone app. More on that under the gameplay section.


Bet365 Poker operates with two main new player bonuses.

The first one being a 100% first deposit match up to €100. This might at first glance look unimpressive. I mean, you have poker sites offering up to $2,500 as first deposit bonuses.

However, you should know that it is always required a lot of effort to realize these kind of bonuses. And, it is here Bet365 Poker really shines. It won’t require much of you to receive your first bonus release of €1, and the second release comes shortly after that. In comparison to other poker sites, you will receive your bonus money much quicker.

Easy dashboard to keep track of your first time deposit bonus.

The other bonus is, as expected, the mandatory free tournament tickets. The thing that stands out with the tickets from Bet365 Poker is that you can use them immediately. For some other poker sites you will have to wait to a certain day and time in order to use them.

I much prefer these “non-time-bound” tickets since it can get me right into to the action without having to wait.

In addition to these two main bonuses Bet365 Poker also enrolls you in their “missions”. This means even more rewards if you complete these. I for example, quickly finished one of the missions and received tournament tickets valued at €5.

All the free tickets I received as a new player.


There are plenty of game options to choose from inside the poker client.

Lobby view from the Windows client.

You can very easily get right into the action by clicking one of the Windows-styled tiles. If you have more specific needs, you also have the option to filter and dig down to find the right game for you.

Besides the normal Cash Games, Sit & Go and Tournaments they offer the following types:

  • 6+ Hold’em: In this version they have removed all cards under the value of 6. That means you (and your competitors) will more often get better hands. This could make the games a bit more fun, but in reality it won’t do anything to improve your winning chances since it is the same for all players.
  • Twister: These games are like Sit & Gos with a chance of a higher payout. I found myself playing these a lot since they are really fun and you only play against two other opponents making it a total of 3 players at the table.
  • Speed: This is cash games but with the ability to quick fold and be directly seated at another table with a new hand.

At first, I was a bit skeptical of the Windows client. It is based out of Flash and doesn’t look like all the other poker clients. It takes a little bit of extra time to get used to their layout and functionality. But, after spending some time with it I kinda like it.

Table view in a Twister Sit & Go tournament (which I won :)).

One good thing with Bet365 Poker is that you can play with your mobile using their Android and iPhone apps. They also have an option to play inside your mobile phone’s internet browser. I thought this would be a nice option since I didn’t have to download an app then.

Boy, was I wrong. The mobile browser experience is horrendous. It didn’t work at all, the screen was capped at 60% with no possibility to scroll.

The horrendous mobile browser option.

I quickly abandoned this option and went ahead and downloaded the Android app instead. This app has to be downloaded directly from Bet365 and is not available in Google Play. In order to install it you will also have to enable third party app installations in your Android settings.

Once the app was installed I found myself really enjoying it. The interface is well thought out and you have access to everything you need. Exactly the same functionality that you have in the Windows client.

Table view from Bet365 Poker Android App

Rake & Loyalty Program

Bet365 operates with a normal rake of 5% with a €4 cap, for more details see their website.

Every time you play you earn what they call Merit Points. You earn Merit Points at the same rate on the cash tables and in tournaments: 15 for every £1 or €1 of attributed rake or tournament fees.

These points can then be turned into different rewards based on the amount you have and what your VIP level is.


Bet365 Poker has a great support center. You can contact them in a variety of different ways and their response time is really quick. At least with the chat option I tried.

On top of this they have an extensive FAQ section where you will find answers to the most common questions.

Worldwide Availability

There is no public information available on which countries that are allowed to play on Bet365 Poker or not. The reasonn for this is that regulations keep changing all the time. So, if you need to find out their position on a specific country you must contact their customer support.

However, US players are not welcome.

Should You Play On Bet365 Poker?

Being such a big and successful gambling company as Bet365 are, one would be surprised if they didn’t deliver a great gaming experience.

And I am not surprised.

They do deliver a great experience. Especially for new players. You get clear and precise information about the bonuses you receive and how to keep track of them. I found myself wanting to play more, and I actually received my bonuses as expected.

I had a great time playing and reviewing and I am sure I will continue using Bet365 Poker as one of my main poker sites.

Please let me and the readers know your experience of Bet365 Poker in the comments below.


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