Key Points When Betting on Major League Baseball

Key Points When Betting on Major League Baseball


While other sports leagues like the National Football League or the National Basketball Association grab all the attention when it comes to sports betting, betting on Major League Baseball definitely has its advantages, and sports gamblers have taken notice. 

For instance, MLB competitiveness has been at a high in recent years, run lines are always interesting wagers, and, most importantly, there is a full slate of games almost every single day for West Virginia sportsbetting. 

All these reasons and more give an MLB wager plenty of value. However, before you place your next MLB wager, be sure to check out the key points below to improve every MLB wager you make.

Where to Wager?

Sports betting is huge these days and only growing. Because of this, there are plenty of sportsbooks at your disposal when you want to place a sports wager. 

However, this does not mean you should jump at the first online sportsbook you see. Not all online sportsbooks are created equal, so it is important to do some research before deciding on the right one for you. 

Fortunately, there has been plenty written all over the internet to help you. There is plenty to consider before signing up with any online sportsbook, so be sure to do your research before you do. 

What’s a Runline?

As popular as MLB sports betting is, many do not understand one of the sports most common wagers: The run line. One of the more interesting wagers in any sport the run line is baseball’s answer to the point spread. 

Baseball is very low scoring, especially when compared to football or basketball, so the traditional point spreads don’t work. What sportsbooks have done is create the run line, which is always 1.5 runs. 

The favourite is -1.5 runs, and the underdog +1.5 runs. What makes this wager so interesting is that the odds vary wildly on the run line. While traditional point spreads are usually -110, run line odds are all over the map, depending on the matchup. 

These wagers are available for every game and add a new wrinkle to MLB betting. Be sure to consider them.

It Starts With Pitching

All of Major League Baseball wagering begins with the starting pitching. Whoever is on the mound will decide the odds. For this reason, you will get plenty of strange odds on the Moneyline as well as the run line. 

Knowing pitchers as well as teams is key if you are going to have any success betting on the MLB. However, the importance of bullpens and the use of “openers” in recent years have also changed the game. 

Before placing a wager, be sure you know everything there is to know about the pitching staffs in question and how they are used. 


Baseball is a long season, with 162 games across six months and a game almost every day. Many factors will come into play during a season, and one of them is long road trips. 

Playing three or four series away from home happens to every team once or twice a season, and these road trips take their toll on even the best times. Before placing any wager on any MLB team, be sure to check the schedule. 

Other X-factors to keep in mind during the long season are the injury reports and the weather forecasts. These three seemingly small details can influence games and odds, and you need to know them. 

Who’s Good

Many successful MLB gamblers like to find two or three teams to invest in during a season. Once the season is a few weeks old, following several of the top teams is a smart move. 

As mentioned, baseball is a long season, and to be a contender, teams need to win a lot for a long time. It’s what the best teams do. 

Again, there are games every day, and following a few of the powerhouse teams will allow you to take them when they are hot and avoid them when they are cold. 

To make the playoffs, teams have to win 90 to 100 games. A few of the better teams will win over 100. You want to wager on these teams when they have a favourable matchup.

Who’s Terrible

If it’s a good idea to wager on good teams, it’s a good idea to wager against bad teams. There are always a few teams a year that are completely overmatched every time they step on the diamond. 

These teams will lose 90-100 games a year, and wagering on their opponent is always a great idea, especially against the middle-of-the-road teams where the odds will be more valuable. 

The contenders in the MLB are going to put together long win streaks just as the terrible teams in the league are going to suffer through long losing streaks. Have these teams in your back packet as betting against them will always make you a buck.

Mix Up Your Wagers

Many sports gamblers make the mistake of falling in love with one wager. They bet on one team, on the Moneyline, every day. Sports gambling like this is a bad and stagnant game plan. 

When you know a sport well, which you better if you are wagering on it, you should mix up your wagers, the amount you wager, and the teams you wager on. 

There is nothing wrong with playing a long game but, to be successful in the long run, you need to be making valuable wagers. Not the same wager over and over again.

How To Mix Up Your Wagers

To be more specific, here are two smart ways to mix up your wagers to be successful betting on the MLB.

One of the oldest rules in the book is to wager more when you’re up and less when you are down. This is highly recommended, as it’s a great way to increase your winnings and minimize your losses.

If you are a Moneyline bettor, throw in the run line from time to time and vice versa. Remember, you are looking for value, and spotting it is a skill you have to hone. You’ll never do this repeating yourself.


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