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What is Windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a unique water sport that combines the elements of surfing and sailing. The rider is planing across the water on a board rigged with a sail. It is you and the forces of nature, wind and water, working together to have the best time in your life! You don’t have to be strong to try it, you only need to know the right technique. That is why we are here! To help you learn. There are small and large boards and sails for different wind conditions, and types of sailing, and of course levels of experience.

History of Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a combination of surfing and sailing and is known to be created first in 1948 by Newman Darby. In 1968 in California, Henry Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake worked on windsurfing and developed this sport to what we know today. Windsurfing is really popular nowadays and you can see many windsurfers in the summer season on most of the beaches around the world.

Windsurfing Terms

Windsurfing has its own language. Due to the mechanism of its equipment, windsurfers came up with the names to make teaching the techniques that they found easier. Many of these terms are common to sailing and sea sports. Some of the important terms that you should check before windsurfing are;

  • Beach Start: is the technique of sailing close to the beach in lower levels of water.
  • Daggerboard: is a large centreboard used for providing resistance from the sides.
  • Eye of the Wind: refers to the direction of the wind.
  • Fin: is a type of foil utilized in order to support the stability of the board from its underside and tail.
  • Gust: a temporary but strong wind.
  • Harness: refers to a set of equipment used to fasten the body to the rig.
  • Lift: is the act of sailing the board forward.
  • Mast: is a pole utilized to hold the sail in an upward position.
  • Note: refers to the front tip of the board.
  • Offshore: is the direction of the wind when it blows off the shore.
  • Port: refers to the direction left of a person when facing the front side of the board.
  • The rig is the act of assembling all the parts and extensions.
  • Sail is so-called the engine of a sailing boat as it delivers the required power.
  • Tail: refers to the back point of the boat.
  • Universal Joint (UJ): is a part of the mast which allows for more flexible moves.
  • Uphaul: is a tool attached to the bottom of the board to facilitate its removal off the water.

How to do Windsurfing?

how to do windsurfing

Windsurfing is a surface water sport that is a combination of surfing and sailing. Windsurfing is a sport that is fun to learn. You can learn different manoeuvres and techniques like water starts, jumps, jibes, tacks, 360’s with each training. It will give you the space to create your own style if you are patient and you keep practising. You should start by learning the windsurfing equipment to understand the process better. The windsurfing basics are relatively easy for beginners to pick up if they are given proper instruction and appropriate gear. The difficulty comes when riders attempt to pursue more advanced windsurfing disciplines and manoeuvres. In short, windsurfing takes a day to learn but a lifetime to master.

When is the Best Time for Windsurfing?

when is the best time for windsurfing

Even though professional windsurfers do not depend on the weather conditions so much, the suitable wind is a requirement of the sport. If you are new to this sport you should prefer the summer and places with good wind. Wind speed and direction are the things you should check. These indicators vary depending on the place and every place has its windsurfing seasons. You can check the wind speed and directions of the place that you want to visit and search for the best values for your level. For example, 7-18 kts will be enough for beginners.

Most of the windsurfing places have suitable conditions to do this sport, and most of them are summer places. Summer might be better for beginners as most of the windsurfing schools are operating in the summer season. The weather conditions are the base of windsurfing and you can have exciting experiences if you listen to nature.


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