Torque Trading Systems Review – Most Transparent Arbitrage Trading Wallet I Have Seen

Torque Trading Systems Review – Most Transparent Arbitrage Trading Wallet I Have Seen

Torque is a very popular and reliable Super Wallet that can hold your digital currencies. To understand Torque trading systems, first of all, we need to understand what “Cryptocurrency” is. Many of us heard the word ‘Cryptocurrency’ and many of us don’t. Cryptocurrency is a modern version of digital currency that is designed to work as a medium of exchange that can create strong cryptography and makes transactions secured and solid.

There are many advantages of cryptocurrency. And the most important one is its decentralization method of transaction. This ensures that no government or single organization can control or interfere. It makes this currency blockchain immune to all the traditional control and interference of the powerful ones. One other point is, Cryptocurrencies can be sent directly to the seeking parties over secure private or public keys. This transaction process completes with minimum amount of fees and breaks the traditional banking fee chain.

So, as we now have the basic idea about cryptocurrency, we can understand what torque trading systems is. But before that, I just want tell the readers that, don’t just always believe what you have heard without doing any research. Nowadays it’s become our habit to believe everything we read online.

This makes us to stay in the dark and the truth stays beneath the surface. This should not be the way. Unless you don’t used any Super Wallets or Cryptocurrency, you might think that these are hoax and scams, as search engines show us these maximum time. But the point is, you have to know well before you judge.

Cryptocurrencies are the most secure digital currency that is way more secure than the traditional banking and currency system. We talked about the benefits in the first paragraph of our article.

Super wallets are virtual wallets to keep your cryptocurrencies safe and sound. The one more important benefit of super wallet is, often they offer high ROI on your savings of cryptocurrency. This is where Torque Trading Systems enters.

Torque Trading Systems – Transparency makes it impossible to be a scam

The company Torque is the most trusted and transparent company. Who works with digital currencies. Torque is managed with a team of super qualified financial experienced persons. The company called them The Governors. They all have more than 10 years of experience in traditional trading market.

Governors’ works as a team to ensure the company decisions and all the other work flow runs smoothly by their joint decision. This makes the unity more strong therefore ensures extraordinary measures to grow the company big and increase value. As we all know that a bunch of geniuses’ brain is way more powerful than a single one.

The company currently operating in 5 Asian countries. With a sole purpose to provide everyone an alternative self-managed cryptocurrency portfolio. The Torque trading systems consist of strong strategies of arbitrage and scalping. They have strong technology department and IT personals. Their system runs by large and secure algorithms meanwhile connected to more than 15 global exchanges that ensures your risk free profitable trades.

CEO & Legal Counsel of Torque  

Bernard Ong, the CEO of Torque Trading Systems and the MD of renowned Snap Innovations, has a strong and experience history in traditional financial ground. He has the previous work experience in Standard Chartered Bank and National Bank of Australia. He started Torque Trading Systems with the vision to embrace cryptocurrency and create a crypto legacy.

LinkedIn Profile –

Mr. SB Seker, currently serving as the legal counsel of Torque trading systems, previously served in world’s best and huge financial institutions like Rothschild & Co. , Ant Finance & MAS as legal counsel. Mr. Seker has a vast knowledge and experience over traditional finance, fintech & blockchain. These knowledge and experience makes him a valuable asset to Torque and makes the users more comfortable about their invest.

What is Torque Trading Systems?

If you reach this point of the article, now you sure about the trustworthiness and transparency of the company. So, now we can focus on understanding what Torque Trading Systems actually is.

Torque is a virtual super wallet that allows users to store their digital currencies (BTC/ETH/USDT/LTC) and make generally 0.15% to 0.45% revenue that generates by exceptional AI-assigned bot arbitrage and scalping.

Now, maybe you are thinking that this is too good to be true. Moreover, we hear and read many Torque trading systems reviews like Torque scam or Torque trading systems scam very often. This is not your fault to be cautious about your hard-earned money. But this is to say that you has the right to know the truth about Torque and then decide. As we talked earlier about the transparency of the company this is to say that it is now clear that Torque trading Systems is Legit & trustworthy. And the company is eager to make a legacy in digital currency.

Torque Trading System

Torque Trading System


Torque Trading Systems Past Records –

As you can see in the picture, from the beginning of Torque in 2017, torque is growing bigger. With the strategic and fully autonomous AI based trading makes trades profitable with ensuring low risks. If you are not satisfied by seeing the chart above, you can see their live stream in their website.

Flow Process of Torque Trading Systems Systems

As you can see in the picture, Torque Trading Systems starts with step one, which is registration. You can click here for registration.

Step two is participate with your digital currency (BTC/ETH/LTC/USDT).

On the third step, Our trading and risk management teams will allocate and manage the overall wallet. Ensuring our traders and trading bots meet the various KPIs set out and risks management.

Trading is the step no. four. Collectively Torque uses their low latency, high frequency strategies to execute almost no risk trades.

Step Five, the most awaited reward stage. Torque system automatically calculate and distribute the TORQ tokens to all clients account daily. The tokens able to convert to digital currencies and anytime the client can withdraw their profit.

Step Six, Remove is the step to convert to fiat, transfer your accumulated rewards in your preferred cryptocurrency to any of the available wallets in the market such as coinbase, electrum, imToken, etc. And sell them via exchanges or OTC!


24/7 Torque Customer Support

Torque is not launched to be a Torque scam or Torque Trading Systems Scam. The company vision is to lead the cryptocurrency legacy and made history. That’s why they are careful for their clients and ensures 24/7 customer support. Live chat and support makes prompt problem solving. Torque also launched their android app. So it is very easy and handy to grab their attention.

My Personal Opinion

Ok, I have been studying about Torque for some time now. And I reached the decisions below –

  • Completely secure and trustable AI
  • Security maintenance is very good with OTP and E-mail verification.
  • Absolutely NO hidden fees
  • Only blockchain fees are applicable for withdrawals, nothing else!
  • Daily payout option.

These are the point in a very large scale. There are many more positive points that Torque Trading Systems has. It will take another full article to write about the positives and I am looking forward to it.

So, after reading this article, you might be interested to join the new age currency trading. FYI, you can start trading with as low as 1ETH or (0.02BTC / 250USDT / 5LTC). Isn’t it exiting to start your earning with this low investment? You can click here to head start your registration process.





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