Account Verification

Be verified and get all facilities

very important to make your account be verified because without verification you can’t there is no point without verification to open an Before opening an account click our banner and open your account and provide your passport or national id card or driving license.let me clarify about  opening procedure and verifications.

Why ID verification is important

three main reasons:

  1. to check you are old enough to gamble
  2. whether you have self-excluded from gambling
  3. to confirm your identity.

How to Verify Your Account

Step 1: Click on <<Banner>>than click join now or sign up and  fill all the required information correctly. Please provide

  • Real Full Name as per passport
  • Full Address and Date of Birth
  • Enter a valid email
  • Strong Password
  • Upload your any 2 documents passport, National Id Card or driving license
  • Deposit and confirm that from your email that your address is right.

Step 3: Deposit your money via your payment method (Minimum $20)

Step 4: After Deposit your account will be verified soon.

Step 5: Based on the deposit method and the internal procedures, online bookmakers can request:

– a copy of your government-issued ID
– a copy of a utility bill
– a copy of the front part of your credit/debit card
– telephone verification
– address verification (sending a letter with a code)

I don’t have a Driving Licence, Passport or Birth certificate, what can I do?

If you don’t have these details, please get in touch and we’ll look into it further for you. In the rare case where we can’t resolve this for you after you’ve contacted us, we’d ask you to send in copies of certain documents to prove your details.

Where do I send my documents to?

Please send them through to your betting company support email address.All betting company has one support email addresses find it and send your document to them.some of bookies has documents upload options.

What happens if I don’t upload my documents?

If we request documents from you but don’t receive them within the specified timeframe, your account may be temporarily suspended until we can fully verify your details. This means that you will not be able to deposit, withdraw or place any bets on your account until we have been able to verify your details

You can email your documents for review to your bet company, this will be processed by our safer gambling team within 48 hours of receipt.

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